Contact Lenses in Campbelltown, Macquarie Fields, Wetherill Park & Cabramatta
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Contact Lenses

Buy Contact Lenses in Sydney’s South West

Wish you didn’t need your second set of eyes? The convenience of contact lenses is indisputable. Whether for sport, exercise, activities or simply for appearances, contact lenses have several everyday benefits.

What do contact lenses do?

Contact lenses function much like regular eyeglasses. Named due to the close contact between the lens and the eye, contacts are tiny prescription lenses that swim on the surface of your cornea. The contact lens sits above the eye’s tear film, enabling it to move naturally with your eye. Just like eyeglasses, contact lenses refract and focus light to clarify objects within eyeshot and maintain your optical health.

Better Peripheral Vison

Eyeglasses sit about half an inch from your eyes, distorting your periphery. Conversely, contact lenses allow you to experience your whole field of view in focus. This is ideal for playing sports and driving, during which it is an advantage to be able to see as much around you as possible.

Unobstructed Vision

Frames can be a great fashion statement but can really get in your line of sight when shifting your eyes to look left or right, up or down. With contact lenses, there are no annoying obstructions or reflections, so you can enjoy your day with your full range of sight, completely unobstructed.

Anyone who has worn glasses can attest to the fact that the lenses are easily affected by the elements. Avoid smudging, fogging and splattering with contact lenses as they are essentially at one with your own eye.


Many frames and lenses can be quite heavy and can apply relentless pressure on your nose and behind your ears. This can be extremely uncomfortable and can lead to headaches and migraines. Experience weightless corrected vision with contact lenses.


Often referred to as Overnight Vision Correction or Corneal Refractive Therapy, Orthokeratology is a non-surgical option for corneal reshaping. This non-invasive system involves wearing firm contact lenses while you sleep to reshape your cornea, enabling you to spend your days without any interference whatsoever from glasses or contact lenses.

I Design Optical provides this service to our eligible clients across our four locations in Minto, Wetherill Park & Cabramatta, Macquarie Fields and Campbelltown. Inquire today to see if you are compatible with the Orthokeratology technology!